Users of Ashley Madison talking to fake women?

In a recent finding, it turns out that out of the millions of men who have signed up for the Ashley Madison website, only a few thousand women have actually replied to chats, sent mails, or have actively engaged with the men who have paid to use the website. It turns out that most of these accounts have actually been created by employees of the website itself.

Which brings us to the next question: why would Ashley Madison get its own employees to make up these women?

Simple answer: the website wanted to attract more users to the website. By creating fake identities and user profiles targeting a specific demographic such as an age group, or a nationality, this sort of enticement can mean extra signup fees collected from the website. Oh, and decide to leave? No sir, before you leave and we wipe out your data, we need to collect an opt out fee too – which clearly was wrong: the data still leaked.

The company denied to say anything about these fake accounts, but apparently, the company believed that some men signed up to the website for entertainment purposes only, and that they did not intend to cheat in the first place. So – does that mean that those who created those accounts for entertainment and just for chatting and talking to so-called women mean that they actually talked to men who were employed at the website at some point?

It turns out that the women who have signed up for the website are not that interested. Data has shown that a lot of the women just signed up, checked a few messages, sent bulk messages and then moved on.

It’s easy to set up a fake account for a woman on the website – the women don’t have to pay for anything! Meanwhile, the men are busy spending all this money using the services. Gender inequality, no?

Turns out more and more threads are being unraveled every day. We’ll see what the data will gather next.

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