Effects of the Ashley Madison Data Breach

Everyday, we hear more and more news stories about the developments concerning the Ashley Madison breach. Below are a list of effects that have happened concerning the issue:

  • The Ashley Madison website may shut down – Given a number of potential class action suits, and with people’s identities and data compromised, the website may close.

  • Employers investigating their employees – Several employers have reported looking into the case in more detail. The military’s code decrees that adultery is a crime if proven that there was sexual intercourse between the partners, and anyone involved in that act may be court marshaled. the domain movie theater . As it turns out, there were over 15,000 email addresses recovered from the database with a .mil or a .gov domain, which are government issued domain names.
  • Users are having more trouble with their family life -As wives, husbands, or partners have been implicated, their home life has proven to be more rocky. There will be divorce lawsuits and a spike of private investigators have been hired to monitor the movements of their significant others to prove their infidelity. With the lack of trust, this will lead to more chaotic relationships.
  • Social stigma – There have been reports of suicides happening in Canada wherein the users have been linked to the Ashley Madison breach. These people could have either been afraid of social stigma, or racked with severe guilt over their infidelity.
  • For curious eyes only – We have a link where you can check email addresses with supposed users of Ashley Madison. However, do note that if an email of an acquaintance or a family member is found on the website, it does not mean that they are users of the website. They could have signed up for fun, or they could have signed up before and decided to delete their profile.  Ironically, for a site based on secrecy, it turns out that when Ashley Madison asks the users for payment to delete their profile, the profile doesn’t get deleted at all.
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