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The ruling triggered a heated response

State officials estimate there are a dozen or more foster parents who are married same-sex couples.

Hoagland and Peirce told KUTV they were distraught after the ruling, which called for the baby girl they have been raising for three months to be taken away within a week.

They said Johansen cited research that children did better when raised by heterosexual couples, but Hoagland said the judge was imposing his religious beliefs.
Me and my gay parents – in pictures
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“We are shattered,” she told the Salt Lake City TV station. “It hurts me really badly because I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Johansen was precluded by judicial rules from discussing pending cases, Utah courts spokeswoman Nancy Volmer said.

Sumner, from the child welfare agency, said she could not speak to specifics of the case but confirmed that the couple’s account of the ruling was accurate — the judge’s decision was based on the couple being lesbians. The agency was not aware of any other issues with their performance as foster parents.Cure For Diabetes
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Ashley Madison Q&As

Here, we try to answer all the pressing questions you may have about the Ashley Madison data breach.

  1. What is Ashley Madison? We tackle more about this in another article on this website.
  2. Who owns Ashley Madison? They are owned by a Canadian based company called Avid Life Media, founded by Noel Biderman. They are the same company who owns other adult dating websites like
  3. What is the controversy surrounding this website? On July 15, 2015, hackers stole the customer data, including real names, credit card numbers, sexual preferences, and even addresses of the registered website users. Unlike other dating sites, the “selling point” for Ashley Madison is adultery, which is a taboo for certain religions and society in general.
  4. Who is Ashley Madison? Nobody in particular, rather, the name of the website comes from the two most popular girls given names.
  5. How many users are there? We cover this in the Stats page of this website, where we cover the number of male and female users, as well as another controversy where some of the women’s profiles are fake.
  6. What are the consequences of the Ashley Madison Data Breach? Numerous suicides, people being outed for their sexual preferences, getting in trouble with their home & a loss of dignity. We cover some of these effects on a separate article on this site.
  7. Who hacked Ashley Madison? There has been speculation that it could have been an inside job. Leaked emails from the CEO claimed that the website’s security is not treated as a priority, and thus, the hackers got in to the systems. is site down Even though the website claims that the data is encrypted, it has been noted that the passwords of the users have been decrypted and is now available to peruse online.
  8. How will I find out if my husband/wife/partner is cheating? There is a website you can use to check if your partner’s email address was part of the Ashley Madison database. Click here to access said database.
  9. Will Ashley Madison ever recover from this hacking incident? Potentially, given the press for the website (any news is good news, right?) – but for now, we are still reeling over the events that have happened and still reading more and more news on developments regarding this case.

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Ashley Madison: Some Stats & Facts

With the scandal winding down a bit, let’s look at some of the key statistics & facts surrounding Ashley Madison:

  • 2001 – the year when the website was first founded.
  • As per Business Insider, one out of every four married men (25% of the married men!) are on the website. Now, isn’t that very troubling?
  • 36 million – approximate users of the website
  • 31 million – approximate number of male users of the website
  • 5 million – approximate number of female users (most of them fake accounts)
  • Over 20 million men checked their messages on the website, while only around 1,500 of women did. Again, another gender imbalance.
  • 33 million – number of accounts that have been leaked by the hackers from the Ashley Madison website
  • $500,000 CAD – amount offered by Ashley Madison’s parent company, Avid Life Media, for more information on the hackers who breached the “secure” website.
  • $200-300 – the fee needed to create an account on the website, which men have to pay for.
  • $0 (Free) – women don’t have to pay for anything to create an account.
  • $19 – the fee to get your data deleted from the website and close down your account.
  • More than $5 million a year – the amount former CEO and founder of the Ashley Madison website, Noel Biderman, takes home per year.
  • 200,000 – the number of emails leaked from the CEO, Noel Biderman.
  • 300 GB – the amount of data hacked from the server.
  • Ashley Madison is banned from Singapore & South Korea.
  • $34 million – the ad budget of Ashley Madison, but Bing, ABC, British TV, and even the Superbowl refused to show their ads on their channels/media.
  • $1 billion – the estimated amount of the website/venture before the scandal.

The scandal has raised some very interesting questions about the role of the internet in contemporary relationships, whether it’s the dating app Tinder, which has been accused of encouraging short-term relationships and being responsible for higher divorce rates, or Ashley Madison’s model of gleeful enjoyment in the serious matter of marital infidelity.  It remains to be seen what impact this will have on not only married couples, but also on the broader question of the meaning (imagined or real) of online courtship. politika . dedicated server . domain ip .

Effects of the Ashley Madison Data Breach

Everyday, we hear more and more news stories about the developments concerning the Ashley Madison breach. Below are a list of effects that have happened concerning the issue:

  • The Ashley Madison website may shut down – Given a number of potential class action suits, and with people’s identities and data compromised, the website may close.

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First lawsuit filed in the U.S.

In California, a lawsuit has been filed in federal court against Avid Life Media, Inc.,the parent company of Ashley Madison. The lawsuit has claims of negligence and invasion of privacy, causing emotional distress. This is the first known lawsuit in the U.S.

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